DSC0578On 5 – 6 September representatives of national authorities, 26 UNDP partner cities, international donors, community organizations gathered in Kyiv at the National Round Table "Innovations in Local Self-governance" to discuss the results of the “innovative governance” component implementation and ways how to make cities smarter and more comfortable for living. EU/UNDP Community Based Approach helps to bring innovative technologies to 26 small cities around Ukraine to improve access to public services and create equal opportunities for all citizens. The Project supported implementation of 40 initiatives bringing innovative technologies to the small cities around Ukraine. As an example, since now in Ivano-Frankivsk people with disabilities and parents with small children can plan their moving around the city in the most comfortable way. An online application http://dostup.mvk.if.ua/ helps to build a route showing all ramps, bus routes adjusted for people with disabilities, traffic lights with sound systems and much more. This is only one case of successful implementation of innovative technologies among other 39 initiatives, supported by the EU/UNDP CBA project. As a result, more than 2,5 mln people across Ukraine benefited from such initiatives as "Smart Rada", "E-Health", "Smart Bus Stops", applications for tourists and much more. All these technologies are aimed to make cities more comfortable and accessible. 

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