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On 29 January 2016, Local Development Forum was organized in Pryluky town, Chernihiv region. Among the participants were Pryluky mayor, regional coordinators of the joint UNDP/EU project “Community-based approach to local development” (CBA) in Chernihiv region, heads of associations of co-owners of multi-story buildings (ACMBs) and heads of community organizations.

The participants discussed the necessity to support the community initiatives at the local level, evaluated the results of partnership between the ACMBs, community organizations and the local authorities during the implementation of microprojects under the CBA, as well as challenges encountered during the micro-projects implementation in Pryluky.


The invited ACMB representatives briefed about implementation of their micro-projects. In particular, results of four micro-projects have been presented to the audience: major repairs of façade, insulation of walls and basement, replacement of windows in common spaces (ACMB “Ponad Udayem”); major repair of communal entrance hallways, window replacement (ACMB “Komfort”); major repair of toilets in Plyluky Specialised School No 6 with a special profile in information technologies; installation of energy-saving windows and doors in Pryluky kindergarten No 4.

In terms of follow-up planning, the participants discussed the integration of community initiatives into local development plans and impact of such initiatives on decision-making at the local level.



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