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On 27 May 2016, a round table on implementation of the urban component of the joint UNDP/EU project “Community-based approach to local development” (CBA) took place in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region. In particular, the discussion was focused on results of work and perspectives of development of associations of co-owners of multi-apartment buildings (ACMB) in the project’s partner cities in Donetsk region,

Present at the meeting were EU officials, Berend de Groot, Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, and Helga Pender, the EU Sector Manager for Crisis Response, as well as UNDP officials Blerta Cela, UNDP Deputy Country Director, Kunal Dhar, Recovery and Stabilization Advisor, and  Oksana Remiga, Senior Programme Manager.

The goal of the round table was to brief the donors of the CBA project and UNDP management about the achievements on the CBA team, financial and methodologic support to ACMBs that are already functioning or in the process of creation. As Berend de Groot said, “It’s important to give an impulse, to establish a system so that Ukraine can live and work independently.”


In April 2015 there were 3 partner cities selected on the competitive basis in Donetsk region, including Dobropillya, Dymytriv and Bakhmut (former Artemivsk). During 2015, there were 39 micropojects initiated by the ACMBs implemented as well as 6 microprojects initiated at schools and kindergartens. The total cost of these projects made up 8,914 mln Hryvnyas.

Oleksiy Reva, the mayor of Bakhmut city, told about the positive results of the partnership between Bakhmut and UNDP/EU. The members of the round table also watched the documentary and the presentation on the project implementation in Bakhmut.  Olena Golovkina, Deputy mayor, also told about activities of communities. The participants of the project received proof that partnership between the community organizations and city council is achievable and such cooperation really brings good results.   

The local representatives of ACMBs in Bakhmut Yuriy Geiller and Olena Kostenko also told about their cooperation with the CBA project. At the moment, their ACMBs are sharing experience with newly established ACMBs.

Natalia Drozdova, Director of the city department of Children’s Fund of Ukraine, also presented the community initiative that has been implemented on the basis of the premises of this center, particularly creation of the conference hall where the community of the district that is is situated far from the city center could meet and organize their activities. With UNDP/EU support this initiative has been implemented.

The round table itself took place at Donbas interregional center for vocational rehabilitation of disabled persons; last year the center has been refurbished with the CBA support. The disabled IDPs who currently reside here were happy to meet the representatives of the EU and UNDP. The IDP women demonstrated their artwork and offered a thank-you gift to Mr Berend de Groot from the EU Representation in Ukraine, a ‘motanka’ doll, that is traditionally believed to have protective powers.

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