14102329 1502002969825698 7904504162062262309 nOn August 30-31, 2016 two-day cluster training for focal persons from #CBA partner OSA/OC, RSA/RC of Kharkivska, Dnipropetrovska, Luhanska and Donetska oblasts is being conducted with the support of #CBA Project in Kharkiv city currently.

The first day`s topic is the experience of the #CBA on smart cities, energy efficiency projects and projects on alternative energy and power decentralization reform in Ukraine.
The participants from four oblasts accentuated the #CBA methodology in the local community development that helps to unite the community. Thanks to participation in the project or replication the methodology of the project the newly formed communities "go through" the decentralization process less "painfully", experienced people who are familiar with the approaches of the Project less resist to innovations, strong communities that have grown with the Project implementation are becoming more confident and developed.
Speakers on decentralization reform:
1. Veniamin Sitov, Merefa City Council Head, Head of Merefianska Territorial Community Organization 
2. Viktor Slysh, Head of Velykoburlutska RSA
In addition, representatives of local communities spoke on the topic. 
Participants of the training determined problems and positive aspects of decentralization, fiscal, economic and social issues.
The main issue for now according to participants is funding of delegated powers and land authorities, funding for social services.

Another important issue is the sharing of experience on projects on alternative energy and energy saving community initiatives.
Project engineer Oleg Baranetsky, representatives of construction and assembly companies, experts in energy management also spoke on the experience and energy conservation and alternative energy.
#CBA experience with renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies proves 27-40% of economy of energy sources in TUP using energy efficient technologies and alternative energy. 
Alternative energy is a future
Strong communities is a future
#CBA is developing people

On the second day following awaits for participants:
- Territory community development strategy
- Investment attraction
- Workshop on PROZORO for CO/ACMH

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