Urban Component in Data as of 24 May 2016

  • Partnership established with 25 cities
  • 233 microprojects approved:

- 197 microprojects in renovation of multi apartment buildings

- 36 microprojects in renovation of social objects in the cities;

  • More than 100 trainings “How to create Association of Co-owners of multi apartment buildings”  were conducted
  • More than 100 Local Development Forums were developed;




urbanUnder the results of the CBA-I and CBA-II, EU Delegation to Ukraine and the UNDP decided to spread the methodology of community based approach among urban communities. Thus the Urban Development Component was launched in terms of the Third Phase of the CBA Project.

In terms of the urban component the CBA Project provides methodological and financial support for Associations of Co-owners of Multi-apartment Buildings (ACMB) and Municipalities to empower urban communities to address their issues.  

To achieve this, the CBA Project provides trainings for municipal officials and members of the ACMBs in different aspects, such as: creation and registration of the ACMBs.

Under the Urban Development component the CBA Project will support the following initiatives:

- Energy-saving and energy-efficient measures. ACMBs, selected for participation will be able to do renovations of their multi-apartment buildings utilizing energy efficient technologies.

- Watersupply/sewerage system modernization. Under this type of microprojects, ACMBs will be able to replace pipes,  modernize watersupply and sewerage systems;

- Waste management. In terms of this equipment for waste management can be procured.

Terms of the CBA support:

- For the renovations of the multiaprtment buildings such as watersuply modernization, energy saving measures for the ACMBs the Project provides 50% of the total cost (from 7 000 to 13 000 USD), all level budgets should provide at least 45% and the ACMB – 5%. If the ACMB members does not provide their input of 5% the microproject will not be supported;

- Comprehensive retrofitting of multi apartment buildings. The CBA Project provides - 80% (up to 150 000 USD), and 20% should be provided by municipal budgets and ACMBs.

- Besides each city-participant of the Project can receive support of up to 10 000 USD for the reconstruction of the social infrastructure object

Besides cities, selected for the participation in the Urban Development Component had a chance to participate in the contest for the Innovative Governance projects. The deadline for the applications for this kind of microprojects was 16 May 2015. The city-winners will be able to implement their innovative initiatives for electronic governance and “smart cities” concept implementation, such as:

- open budgets;

- online services;

- equipment of public places with Wi-Fi

- development of mobile applications for citizens and tourists.  

Urban Development component actively work with the Network CBA Partner Universities.


Ukraine initiated the reform of the multiapartment housing sector on the cities back in 1992 by adopting the Law on The Privatization of the Public Housing. The Law was designed to accomplish at least the three following important tasks: change the housing ownership in the multiapartment houses from public to private; facilitate efficient housing ownership via creating of ACMBs; create market mechanisms for appropriate operation and maintenance of multiapartment housing.

As of 01.01.2016, the share of associations of ACMBs in Ukraine is only about 24% from the total number of multiapartment house in the country. Other houses until nowadays are serviced by ineffective communal utility companies. In many cities local authorities even consider multiapartment houses as communal property. This demotivates the co-owners, results in ineffective allocation of funds from the local budgets, low quality of maintenance of the houses and engineering systems in them. This in its turn leads to an extremely unsatisfactory technical condition of construction elements and engineering systems in more than 80% of multiapartment houses build before 1990.

The important objectives, which CBA Project shall achieve in partnership with the local authorities, is to form “effective homeowner” in multiapartment housing sector of the partner cities; make the co-owners of multiapartment houses to realise and understand their responsibility to maintain their joint property - multiapartment houses; and help the co-owners (ACMHs) gain practical experience of planning and performing capital repairs of their houses. Effectiveness of “homeowners”, as the co-owners of multiapartment house, means the ability to manage competently their joint resources ensuring proper maintenance and servicing of joint property.

To fulfil these tasks, CBA Project performs awareness-raising and promotion activities, as well as delivers trainings for ACMHs’ executive board members, provides professional consultations when the co-owners plan and perform capital repair / activities to improve their joint property.

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